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You'll find us nestled amidst rolling hills and the answer to your stress

Heppner is the heart of Irish country!  With a 20-ft shamrock smack in the middle of town, it is hard to miss our community's Irish heritage, made even more evident during our annual St. Patrick's Day "A Wee Bit O'Ireland" celebration.  This is where rural is for real!  

Heppner is self sufficient and gives an impression of true Americana. We are as familiar as a Norman Rockwell painting and as comfortable as Grandma's kitchen. Step back in time at the Morrow County Museum and the Morrow County Agriculture Museum where artifacts recreate the lives and activities of the settlers. Swing by the Morrow County Courthouse, which was built in 1902 of beautiful blue basalt stone quarried from nearby Balm Fork Road.

Visit the outdoor exhibit about the flood that nearly devastated the entire town in 1903.  Many of the town's residents lost many loved ones in this great tragedy.  If your interest lies in historic homes, take a Volkswalk tour of Heppner's beautiful historic houses.  Shopping in Heppner includes a variety of offerings from lattes to antiques.  When the Main Street sidewalks were recently reconstructed, artifacts including old coins and gun shells from famous shoot-outs were discovered. 

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